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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply booster pumps to industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is a general partner and a service center of a Swiss production and engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ). The headquarters of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) was founded in 1999 and has now a wide technical staff in pumps and other process equipment.

ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) together with the headquarters ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is in a position to supply booster pumps, perform service activities including supervision, startup and commissioning, after sales and post warranty maintenance, through our own resources, and also involving a wide network of our representative offices in CIS-countries.

Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is an official representative of pump manufacturers such as:
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan),
Sundstrand Corporation (the USA),
Oilgear (the USA),
Teikoku Electric (Japan),
HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria)

Together with the headquarters, ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) performs supplies of booster pumps to the following industrial enterprises in CIS-countries:
Pump supplies for the last 5 years

General description

Booster pumping plants are used to increase head in water supply systems for residential and industrial buildings, including high-rise buildings and buildings located on elevations (i.e. in locations where head is insufficient). The pumps of this type are oil-vapor units used to produce moderate vacuum for a wide range of applications (irrigation, watering, water supply, fire fighting, water inventory making, manufacturing processes, fountains etc.).

Due to there small sizes, these plants can be used in construction of new industrial facilities and in modernization of existing ones, resulting in reduction of capital costs, operation costs and the space necessary for the equipment installation.

Design details

A booster pump consists of a sealed casing with a submersible electric pumping unit. Due to the specific design details, centering alignment is not necessary for this unit.

Booster pumps are light-weight units as compared with common analogs, making them appropriate for direct installation on a water supply pipeline (vertically or horizontally). This type of a pumping plant does not require continuous attendance during operation and does not require maintenance because the design is gland-free.

The unit is driven by highly-efficient submersible motors and by the pump hydraulics made of stainless steel; powder metallurgy technologies are not used for the pump hydraulics making.

Water moved by the pump lubricates and cools its systems. Due to standard motors and frequency adjustment, the volume of membrane tanks and power consumption are reduced.


Booster pumping units demonstrate several advantages as compared with their common analogs:

  • pumps are sealed so tightly that they can run continuously even in emergencies, unlike cradle-mounted pumps. Due to the submersible electric motor used in the pump, it can run in a flooded room for indefinitely long time, and the pump does not require inspection or preventive maintenance after the emergency elimination. Pump systems are lubricated and cooled by water moved by it;
  • due to small sizes, the space necessary for the pumping plant installation and the capital costs can be reduced (for this type of pumps, construction of a b foundation before the equipment installation is not necessary);
    • pumps are delivered complete and ready for operation;
    • the plant does not require centering alignment during the equipment installation, auxiliary shutoff valves or supplementary maintenance (the pump is gland-free);
    • costs for pipeline construction and equipment installation can be saved;
    • plant operation is silent (completely vibration-free), the indisputably important advantage for operation in dwelling or public rooms;
    • energy-saving technology makes these pumps advantageous when they are installed to replace the pumps operated earlier (except for cases when the head must be increased);
    • b vandal-resistant design is used for booster pumps.

Scope of application

The scope of application of booster pumps is unlimited. These pumps are designed to amplify the head force in water supply systems (both for hot and cold water) in high-rise buildings and facilities located on elevations, i.e. in any locations where head is insufficient. In such a way, booster pumps are widely used at industrial facilities, in fire-fighting and water distribution systems, in agriculture, in utilities and construction systems, for water delivery from reservoirs and wells, in fountains and water amusement rides.

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is happy to collaborate with both large ambitious pump manufacturers and fast-growing companies in search for new trade areas for their products.

Our group of companies totals around 200 employees and we are ready to become a distributor for those manufacturers whose strategy is oriented to improve long-term competitive position at Russian and CIS-markets.

We are always open to consider any partnership proposals!

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