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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply pumping station and units to industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is a general partner and a service center of a Swiss production and engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ). The headquarters of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) was founded in 1999 and has now a wide technical staff in pumps and other process equipment.

ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) together with the headquarters ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is in a position to supply pumping station and units, perform service activities including supervision, startup and commissioning, after sales and post warranty maintenance, through our own resources, and also involving a wide network of our representative offices in CIS-countries.

Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is an official representative of pump manufacturers such as:
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan),
Sundstrand Corporation (the USA),
Oilgear (the USA),
Teikoku Electric (Japan),
HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria)

Together with the headquarters, ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) performs supplies of pumping station and units to the following industrial enterprises in CIS-countries:
Pump supplies for the last 5 years

Pumping stations. Operation principle and purpose

A water supply pumping station is a motorized unit in which a pump is connected with a hydraulic accumulator through the relay; when the incoming water pressure drops below the preset critical amount, this relay automatically activates the pump to repeat a cycle. Pumping stations are necessary to deliver water from deep wells or any other separate sources. They are also applicable for water pumping from water supply networks where head is insufficient, and for making water inventories by filling the storage reservoirs. The system does not require submersion and shall be mounted on the surface; no special safety supervision is required because all processes, including the processes for water hammer elimination, are automatic or semiautomatic. For sewerage systems, special sewerage pumping stations are available, with the design that includes a supplementary reservoir used to trap solid inclusions. For the same purpose, a pump with a cutting mechanism is not less effective. Before buying a pumping station, the exact volume of consumed water should be measured to choose the appropriate hydraulic accumulator as precisely as possible. This is a necessary precondition for long and trouble-free operation of the system as a whole. Pumping stations delivering water from deep sources include special injectors connected with a centrifugal jet pump. The pumps of same types are used at the stations with outside-mounted ejectors; however, sue to the ejectors descending to the bottom (but not integrated) water can be pumped from wells 50 m or deeper. During this process, the main pumping unit remains at the surface. These stations are quite convenient when the well is far from the consumer. However, the efficiency of these stations is not high, and they are quite inappropriate for water heavily contaminated with various suspensions.

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is happy to collaborate with both large ambitious pump manufacturers and fast-growing companies in search for new trade areas for their products.

Our group of companies totals around 200 employees and we are ready to become a distributor for those manufacturers whose strategy is oriented to improve long-term competitive position at Russian and CIS-markets.

We are always open to consider any partnership proposals!

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