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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply polymer pumps to industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is a general partner and a service center of a Swiss production and engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ). The headquarters of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) was founded in 1999 and has now a wide technical staff in pumps and other process equipment.

ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) together with the headquarters ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is in a position to supply polymer pumps, perform service activities including supervision, startup and commissioning, after sales and post warranty maintenance, through our own resources, and also involving a wide network of our representative offices in CIS-countries.

Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is an official representative of pump manufacturers such as:
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan),
Sundstrand Corporation (the USA),
Oilgear (the USA),
Teikoku Electric (Japan),
HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria)

Together with the headquarters, ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) performs supplies of polymer pumps to the following industrial enterprises in CIS-countries:
Pump supplies for the last 5 years

Purpose and application

To pump aggressive, corrosive liquids and liquids containing solid admixtures, e.g. in flue gas desulphurization units.

Technical details

  • single-stage centrifugal pump in easy-to-make design version;
  • closed impeller specially designed for abrasive media;
  • higher efficiencies as compared with similar pumps made of metal;
  • single bellows-type end seals or double end seals made by leading global manufacturers;
  • thick-wall replaceable parts made of plastic;
  • grease or oil lubrication.


Capacity 300 … 2500 m3/hour
Head ≤50 m


Inner parts of the spiral casing are connected with each other in the cast casing and sealed. Such casing design absorbs any inner and outer impacts. At the same time, the pump impeller can be removed for maintenance or repair; you don’t need to dismantle pipelines or motor for this purpose. Thick-wall parts made of plastic are also replaceable at any time.


High efficiencies and capacities of pumps are due to closed impellers made of metal and provided with blades on their back and inner sides. Available materials are 1.4464 (for liquids with solid substances) and 1.4517 (for high concentrations of chlorides). Closed impellers with blades on their back and inner sides are chemically resistant for pH < 4.

Shaft sealing

Usually, bellows-type end seal is used, cooled and/or flushed if necessary. The structure of this fixed end sealing is extremely simple and b, with high degree of reliability. For special applications, various single and double end seals made by leading global manufacturers are available.

Pump made of plastic, with a magnetic coupling

Purpose and application:

To pump aggressive, corrosive liquids, liquids containing solid admixtures, toxic liquids. All dimensions are given for modular design also.

Technical details:

  • single-stage centrifugal pump in easy-to-make design version;
  • open impeller;
  • tight seal protecting against eddy currents;
  • magnetic couplings made of cobalt-samarium alloy;
  • external flushing is possible for pumps used to move liquids with solid admixtures;
  • thick-wall replaceable parts made of plastic;
  • pump is mounted in all-metal casing;
  • grease or oil lubrication.


Capacity 0.5 – 80 m3/hour
Head up to 100 m

Magnetic coupling

A permanent magnet coupling is used to transfer power into the tightly closed pump. High-quality cobalt-samarium is used as the magnetic material. The magnetic rotor is tightly insulated by PFA. Couplings having various capacities are available, depending on their application.

Slotted sleeve

It is made of carbon-fiber composite material with an inner shell made of PTFE. This component is free of vortex flows. Round-shaped O-ring is used to seal the slotted sleeve, with the specific sealing geometry. The casing tightening is independent of any other joints.

Bearing assembly

An impeller, a shaft and a magnetic rotor are mounted in plain bearings made of silicon carbide. Inner channels passing over the pumped media, close to it, are used for lubrication. Dry running and absence of lubrication is permissible for a short time.

When suspensions or crystallized liquids are pumped, inner flushing of disengaged casing shall be used for lubrication; for this purpose, suitable medium free of solid substances shall be used.

Torque flow design

For liquids with coarse solid particles, each pump can be delivered with a magnetic coupling made in accordance with the torque flow design.


Plastic shall be chosen as appropriate for chemical, thermal, mechanical or abrasive loads. The following plastics are used for common chemical pumps:

  • low-pressure ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene;
  • polypropylene;
  • polyvinylidene fluoride;
  • polytetrafluorethylene;
  • perfluoroalkoxy.

Temperature range for application of these materials depends on medium to be pumped; this range is -55°C to +180°C.

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is happy to collaborate with both large ambitious pump manufacturers and fast-growing companies in search for new trade areas for their products.

Our group of companies totals around 200 employees and we are ready to become a distributor for those manufacturers whose strategy is oriented to improve long-term competitive position at Russian and CIS-markets.

We are always open to consider any partnership proposals!

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