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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply plunger pumps to industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is a general partner and a service center of a Swiss production and engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ). The headquarters of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) was founded in 1999 and has now a wide technical staff in pumps and other process equipment.

ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) together with the headquarters ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is in a position to supply plunger pumps, perform service activities including supervision, startup and commissioning, after sales and post warranty maintenance, through our own resources, and also involving a wide network of our representative offices in CIS-countries.

Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is an official representative of pump manufacturers such as:
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan),
Sundstrand Corporation (the USA),
Oilgear (the USA),
Teikoku Electric (Japan),
HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria)

Together with the headquarters, ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) performs supplies of plunger pumps to the following industrial enterprises in CIS-countries:
Pump supplies for the last 5 years

General overview of the plunger pumps. Operating principle and efficiency of pump

plunger pumps

The plunger pumps, designed and produced to provide smooth operation in continuous cycle mode, are reliable, low maintenance solution aimed to supply longwall with hydraulic power.

The robust pump unit serves to noiseless continuous operation with the optimal performance no matter where the pump unit is placed – in a longwall or at the pump station. Usually the unit is skid-mounted on sub frame of the prime mover which is flange-mounted or support-mounted as well.

The pump plungers are actuated by the forged crankshaft supported by spherical roller bearings; the crankshaft is driven by means of the double helical wheel which reduces the noise level and improves the efficiency.

The compact design of the pump body ensures the direct access to the suction and discharge valves with no need to dismantle the plunger or pump body, thus providing easy maintenance. The suction and discharge valves are identical and interchangeable, and made of special steel.

The use of the hard ceramic oxide for the plunger construction allowed reducing the wear greatly and, at the same time, extending the life. The plungers can be replaced at site without any special tools. In case of oil-seal housing leakage liquid flows to the suction chamber, thus minimizing the liquid loss.

Main pump advantages:

  • Small size
  • Operation reliability
  • Long life
  • Easy maintenance

General applications:

  • Cleaning of pipes and channels
  • Concrete reconstruction and paint removal
  • Cleaning of heat-exchangers
  • Removal of varnish from the grates
  • Removal of varnish from the printing rollers in graphic-arts industry
  • Rust removal and steel surfaces cleaning
  • Cleaning of vessels and tanks
  • Descaling in steel industry
  • Outside and inside clean-up in the automobile industry
  • Filter fabric cleaning
  • Pumps for reverse osmosis units (seawater desalination)
  • Subsurface pumps (etc.)

Technical characteristics

The product range includes the plunger pumps and package high-pressure systems as well including associated accessories for all the applications with drive power up to 1200 kW.

Some pump capacity reaches 2400 l/min (at 95 bar) for fresh water, demineralized water, emulsions and light oils, etc.

Water pressure is up to 2500 bar (at 40 l/min).

Special edition of pumps are manufactured for the application in subsurface mining works as well as for sea-water desalting plant (reverse osmosis).

Plunger pumps application examples

Industry sectors Application examples Pressure (bar)
Automobile Painted parts cleaning; burring, de-coring, wash. 100 - 2500
Mining Bearing attachment (emulsion); spraying systems; saturation. 200 - 500
Chemical Inside and outside cleaning of tanks, heat exchangers, tube bundles, pipelines, high pressure vessels, mixing tanks and boilers. 400 -1500
Energy Cleaning of heat exchangers, furnaces, burners. 200 - 1500
Foundry Mold, foundry ladle and furnace cleaning. Removal of sand and ceramics, core knock-out. 350 - 1000
Construction Cleaning of artificial and natural stones and concrete; removal of putty, slime and other coatings; concrete and brick masonry cutting; removal of corrosion from stiffening members and structural steel; removal of damaged concrete. 500 - 1500
Aerospace Rubber and labeling removal from runways; cleaning of platforms and coatings in suspension rigs. 500 - 2500
Offshore platforms Cleaning of reservoirs, platforms, decks and conveyor tubes; cutting in Zone II. 200 - 2500
Paper Cleaning of shafts, presses, sieves, glue pans and mixers. 200 - 1000
Petrochemical Cutting and removal of rubber, PVC materials, solid polymers and other types of materials. 700 - 2500
Shipbuilding Hull cleaning before putty application; water injection; hydraulic inspection of welds and ship surface as a whole; paint removal. 700 - 2500
Steel Scale removal from steel shapes, sheets etc. 200 - 500
Civil construction Asphalt and road surface marking cleaning, roughening and removal; cement mortar and cement joint cutting-off; bridge cleaning; graffiti removal. 500 - 2500
Transport Inner and outer cleaning of reservoirs, hoppers, railway cars and containers; removal of labels. 200 - 2500
Reverse osmosis Water desalination. ≤120
Environment protection Soil washing systems; separation of raw materials, crushing and cutting. 100 - 2500
Cement Cleaning of cement mixers, vehicles, mills, sieves, blending units and surfaces. 100 - 1200

Major components in the plunger pump unit: schematic

Supporting frame

  • Fixed unit with anti-vibratory supports
  • Movable unit with rigidly-fastened and swivel wheels
  • Movable unit on a cart for inner process-related transportations (solid or pneumatic buses)
  • Movable unit on a road trailer (meets the EU rules)
  • Unit on a truck chassis

Pump drive

  • Electric motor (upon the customer’s request)
  • Internal combustion motor

Power takeoff mechanism

  • Elastic couple for electric motors and internal combustion motors
  • V-belt drive for electric motors and internal combustion motors
  • Cardan shaft for internal combustion motors
  • Mechanical or pneumatic industrial friction clutch for coupling with a cardan shaft or an elastic clutch

Suction stabilizing unit

  • Three sizes are available, depending on the discharge pump type

Reversible (self-cleaning) filter

  • Various sizes are available, depending on the pump model

Pressure control

  • Mechanical
  • Pneumatic
  • Electronic

Auxiliary equipment

Electric motor control equipment
High-pressure pump pneumatic control system
Pump pneumatic control panel
Internal combustion motor equipment
Fuel tank
Booster pump
Hose reel with a rotary hinge joint

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is happy to collaborate with both large ambitious pump manufacturers and fast-growing companies in search for new trade areas for their products.

Our group of companies totals around 200 employees and we are ready to become a distributor for those manufacturers whose strategy is oriented to improve long-term competitive position at Russian and CIS-markets.

We are always open to consider any partnership proposals!

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