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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply deep-well sucker-rod pumps to industrial enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is a general partner and a service center of a Swiss production and engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ). The headquarters of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) was founded in 1999 and has now a wide technical staff in pumps and other process equipment.

ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) together with the headquarters ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is in a position to supply deep-well sucker-rod pumps, perform service activities including supervision, startup and commissioning, after sales and post warranty maintenance, through our own resources, and also involving a wide network of our representative offices in CIS-countries.

Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is an official representative of pump manufacturers such as:
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan),
Sundstrand Corporation (the USA),
Oilgear (the USA),
Teikoku Electric (Japan),
HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria)

Together with the headquarters, ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) performs supplies of deep-well sucker-rod pumps to the following industrial enterprises in CIS-countries:
Pump supplies for the last 5 years

Deep-well sucker-rod pumps: general information

Sucker-rod pumps are volumetric pumps intended to lift liquids from oil wells. During oil extraction, liquid is lifted to the surface driven by the head produced by the deep-well pump. Various designs of submersible deep-well pumps are widely applied; these pumps are sunk and provide liquid lifting to the surface.

The types of pumps are as follows: non-inserted pumps, inserted pumps and tubing pumps.

Non-inserted pumps: Pump tubes are used to sink a pump cylinder into an oil well without a plunger. Pump rods are used to sink a plunger; it is inserted into a cylinder with a suction valve.

Inserted pumps: Rods are used to sink a pump cylinder with a plunger into an oil well. For these pumps, the plunger diameter must be much less than the tube diameter.

Also, deep-well sucker-rod pumps are available with a bottom or top collar-type fastener, or

with a mechanical fastener in the bottom or top part.

Deep-well sucker-rod pumps are applied under the conditions as follows:
water content: ≤99.5%;
temperature: ≤130ºC;
mechanical admixtures: ≤1.2 g/litre;
hydrogen sulphide content: ≤45 mg/litre;
water mineralization: ≤10 g/litre;
рН: 4…8.

Sucker-rod pump components:
Cylinders, plungers, valves, couplings, fastening lock, rod adapter, rod guides etc.

low costs for oil well operation;
easy equipment installation and maintenance for oil wells.

The Russian company ООО «ЭНЦЕ Инжиниринг» (ENCE Engineering) is happy to collaborate with both large ambitious pump manufacturers and fast-growing companies in search for new trade areas for their products.

Our group of companies totals around 200 employees and we are ready to become a distributor for those manufacturers whose strategy is oriented to improve long-term competitive position at Russian and CIS-markets.

We are always open to consider any partnership proposals!

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