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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply (deliver) turbomolecular pumps to industrial enterprises of Russia

Engineering company ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг") has been successfully working with different Russian industrial enterprises at the local market for many years having effected over 100 major deliveries of pump equipment to Russian plants.

Today our company is in search of pump equipment producers who consider Russian market attractive and want to boost their sales in the region, as well as expand their field of activities.

We are interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of turbomolecular pumps, who are looking for official distributors (representatives) to supply their equipment to the industrial plants in Russia.

Advantages and principles of cooperation with ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг"):

The company’s employees are a solid team of higher-education professionals available for technical, commercial and legal support of cooperation with the industrial plants of Russia taking into account specifics and mentality of this country.

The company’s managers have a long-term successful track record of operation in the Russian market and extensive customer base, keep in touch with all the customers, frequently visit customer plants for early detection and replacement of obsolete equipment.

Commercial and engineering departments of the company are well-versed in the equipment of Russian industrial plants and know their up-to-date revamping and modernization needs.

Logistics department of ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг") is capable to deliver equipment on DAP or DDP terms at the discretion of its Russian customers.

Our service engineers are available for supervision and commissioning of pump equipment as well as warranty maintenance in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг") arranges presentations regarding the latest achievements of its foreign partners - equipment manufacturers - for the staff of Russian plants.

Our company is closely cooperating with many engineering institutes of Russia, which gives us an opportunity to include your turbomolecular pumps into prospective projects in different industrial fields.

As your official distributor of turbomolecular pumps in Russia ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг") is responsible for the following:

  • drafting of required documents for participation in bidding procedures
  • technical and commercial negotiations with customers to agree on supplies of your equipment
  • entry into contracts for vortex pump deliveries
  • certification of different types of your pumps in accordance with Russian standards
  • expertise for obtaining local TR CU 010 and TR CU 012 certificates, which will enable your pumps to be used at all the industrial plants of the Customs Union countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan).
  • registration of delivery and subsequent customs clearance of turbomolecular pumps, registration of transaction certificates for currency control purposes in Russian banks for payments in foreign currency in accordance with legislation of Russia and Customs Union countries.

General overview

Rotor, motor and bearings may be the source of vibration in a turbo molecular pump unit. Dynamic balancing can reduce the rotor imbalance to the low level. Thus, the forces resulting from the unequal distribution of mass along the axis of rotation are minimized.

Vibrations caused by the motor arise along with stator-rotor interaction. Besides, vibrations are generated by suspender or moving parts of the bearings. However the overall vibration generated by the motor and bearings is lower than that resulted from rotor imbalance. The bearing vibrations may increase in case they are defect or during the attachment of the system to the pump unit. If latter, the system design shall be adjusted by means of changing the mass and the level of rigidity, or by means of installation of insulators between the pump unit and the system.

High wearing and operation quality of the turbo-molecular pumps is ensured by a special suspender design. The suspender of these pumps is equipped with the solid lubricated ceramic ball bearings. The balls are made of silicon nitride providing a range of advantages.

Such bearings are twice harder than steel analogues and feature high stability at minimal pressure and surface contact. The hardness of the bearing design contributes greatly to the reliability and operation quality of the pump units.

Rather light weight of the ball material and index of density (40% lower than that of steel) reduces the load and inner stress resulting from centrifugal action. Low level of ball material friction extends service life due to the surface stability of the parts. Besides, silicon nitride features higher temperature stability. Solid lubrication used in these bearings provides reliable pump operation and avoids the need of additional maintenance.

We are convinced that our company ENCE Engineering (ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг") will become your reliable and efficient distributor (authorized representative) of your turbomolecular pumps in the Russian market.

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